Spatial Wallpaper


Spaces are everywhere, we are constantly surrounded by spaces, at home (private) or the outside world (public), it is an everyday reality and it can impact on positively and negatively our lives. A space can trigger memories, reflect upon culture,’create thoughts and emotions’ by how people feel within architectural and environmental spaces and how people act differently within a space.

I used the concept of spaces into more in depth  whilst undertaking further research, resulting from the Barcelona trip. The trip influenced me to analyse the area which  inspired me to create questionnaires, handed out to the students who went to Barcelona, giving me feedback about their feelings of the Barcelona trip. I used strong imagery to visualise our thoughts or memories into images, presenting it onto wallpaper. It illustrates the idea, bringing memories of Barcelona home and keeping the memory alive. I like the idea of how my work can be seen as a design commercial,  fine art wallpaper product, creating an unusual 3d dynamic, eye catching appearance; combining 2d and 3d layered elements onto the wallpaper surface.

I used arrange of printmaking mediums such as Lino and solar plate to create different visual textured  prints, using colourful inks to present warm colours, relating to my memory of the typical Mediterranean colours of Barcelona.



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