Working with different materials, plastic, metal steel rods and laser cut wood, allowed me to have confidence to experiment and develop a strong understanding of creating shapes and form. I explored the idea of form as it shows poetic expression, identity and interpretation for the viewer. Allowing the viewers to reflect their own feelings, senses and behaviour towards the spatial structure. My aim was to explore this idea of interaction, encouraging deeper thought into the material qualities and how materials form interaction and a concept of work, reinforcing new possible ideas in exploring challenging materials not used before.


Metal rod structures using the brazing process


Laser cut shapes joined together to create small scale architectural models


Willow Model 

As my practice evolves the idea of senses, that can reflect our childhood memories and our understanding of different spaces.  This allowed me to consider willow  referring back to my child hood memories of making dens and other structural works. Living in Somerset, willow is a common craft material used to create many products and artist sculptural works. Inspired by sculptors Laura Ellen Bacon and 3d designer Andrea Von Chrismar, I used this material to create abstract shaped models with wool to create playful spaces.