Barcelona Postcard Exhibition

On our visit to Barcelona, I was very honoured to be able to showcase our first international exhibition in the gallery, Untitled BCN. Untitled BCN is a business that is base in Barcelona but has international links with universities. Their aim is to encourage young generation of artists into the art world by organising events, festivals workshops and exhibitions that can take place in the gallery.

Before we began our trip, we had to produce a postcard for this exhibition when we arrived. I based my postcard about Plymouth, this began to be a starting point of the project where this allowed us to follow on with the project during our time in Barcelona. To start the project, I began creating a postcard by experimenting with layering maps of Plymouth and drawing a scene that I enjoy visiting; Barbican. I worked with watercolour paints, ballpoint pen and layers of images to apply this postcard composition.

For the closing event at the gallery, I worked collaborative with a few students in the group and we all created series of drawings on what inspired us to draw.  My series of drawings took inspiration from architecture and patterns on the walls using the photos I taken when I was exploring the sites of Barcelona.



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